Professional, precise and quality translations by Rocío del Amo

The Spanish language currently ranks second in the international ranking of languages only behind Chinese, in addition to consolidating its position as second international language in the network. Therefore, a company that translates its contents, products and services to Spanish opens itself to an audience of nearly 500 million people in more than 21 countries.

Although my field of work is broad, I am specialized in technology and web translation, covering aspects such as the translation of software, hardware, videogames, webs, gadgets and any text related with new technologies.

Documentation translations

  • General translations: Stories, essays, articles, interviews, journalistic and divulgation texts, information and promotional brochures, correspondence, etc.
  • Specialized translations: Technology, telecommunications, marketing, advertisement, trade, tourism, art, fashion, wine & olive oil, etc. Internal documentation, reports, manuals…

A good translation is one that is faithful to the original and expresses correctly and naturally and expresses its content, its meaning, its communicative intention and its nuances. To achieve this, all translations are carefully revised on fundamental aspects as spelling, syntax, terminology, punctuation and style in order to avoid errors and ensure linguistic quality.

Software, mobile apps and videogame translation and localization.

  • Software: Mac OS, Microsoft Windows, open source software.
  • Mobile apps: iOS (iPhone & iPad), Android and more.
  • Videogames: Wii, Nintendo DS, Xbox 360, Playstation 3, mobile.

Together with languages, new technologies have always been one of my passions, and to make them accessible to everyone regardless of their language is one of my goals. Thanks to my professional experience I have mastered the technical terminology, I am confortable working on different platforms and I pay the utmost importance to user experience.

Web translation and localization.

  • HTML + CSS.
  • CMS.
  • WordPress.
  • Others.

The translation and localization of websites allow companies to internationalize their business and products. But in order to ensure success in our web communication, knowledge of cultural elements and notions of SEO, accessibility and usability are also needed.

And much more…

Do not hesitate to contact me for any question or if you are interested in translation from other languages.