About me


My name is Rocío and I am a passionate linguist and professional translator who lives among letters and dictionaries. I grew up seeing people from all corners of the world passing in front of my family home, in the heart of the Way of Saint James. This aroused my curiosity from a very young age since I wanted to understand what those people were saying and to visit the places where they came from. An interest that continues to be with me every day and that has made me a tireless traveller and an avid reader always curious, committed and eager to learn.


Universidad de Salamanca

The day came when I had to go to university and, knowing that I wanted to devote myself to something that had to do with language, I decided to take a degree in English Studies, which I studied at the prestigious University of Salamanca, an essential reference point in the research and development of philological disciplines. Along with English, I continued to study French and started with Italian.

After finishing my degree, I carried on with my doctoral studies in Methodology applied to linguistic and literary research in the English language and I wrote a thesis in the field of Sociolinguistics entitled Language and Identity in which I explored in detail the different linguistic strategies that allow for the construction of individual, gender, collective or online identities. I earned an A+ Cum Laude grade in addition to the Diploma of Advanced Studies (DEA) and research proficiency.


Université d'OrléansDuring the doctoral courses, I had the opportunity to enjoy an Erasmus scholarship at the Universitè d’Orléans (France), which allowed me to improve my French, enrich my knowledge and grow on a personal level. During this time, I especially studied the linguistics of the English language, contrastive linguistics and the phenomena resulting from contact between languages.



A few years later, after having worked as a linguist, translator and editor for internationally renowned technology companies such as IBM or Redknee Solutions, I returned to my studies to do a Master’s degree in Translation and Intercultural Mediation at the University of Salamanca. This master is part of the European Masters in Translation network created by the Directorate-General for Translation of the European Commission and it gave me the opportunity to do an internship at the DGT in Brussels and work for which is considered the largest translation service in the world. On this occasion, my master’s dissertation was entitled Translation in the Wine Sector and it analysed the specific needs and challenges of translating the language of oenology.


I currently work as a freelance professional. If you have any questions or want to know more, you can contact me via email or by adding me to your LinkedIn network.