About me

Rocío del Amo


My name is Rocío del Amo and I am a professional linguist and translator. Passionate about languages and new technologies since childhood. Expert on sociolinguistic issues and the relationships between language and identity. Tireless traveler and avid reader. Inquisitive, polyglot, creative, committed and eager to learn. Accustomed to working in international environments. Commited to use my knowledge to help others and to contribute to the construction of a better world.


This story begins in 2001 when my passion for languages and language led me to study a Bachelor’s degree in English Studies at the prestigious University of Salamanca, essential reference in research and in development of philological disciplines. In addition to English, I have studied French and Italian.

When I finished my BA I studied the PhD courses Methodology applied to linguistic and literary research in the English language, specializing in Sociolinguistics and writing, while living in Milan, my thesis with the title “Language and Identity“; a research on the relationship between the concepts of language and identity that explores in detail the different linguistic strategies that allow to build individual, gender, collective and online identities. Mark: Summa Cum Laude.

During the PhD courses, I had the opportunity of participating in the Erasmus Programme at the Université d’ Orléans, in France, which enabled me to improve my French, enrich my knowledge and grow as a person. At this time I deepened especially in the study of English Linguistics, Contrastive Linguistics and Languages in Contact.

I also have taken different language courses:

English: EF English courses in Brighton (1999) and Dublin (2000). Italian: Italian courses at Istituto Italiano di Cultura in Madrid (2010-13). IIC scholarship at Istituto Michelangelo in Florence (2011). IIC scholarship at La Lingua La Vita in Todi (2012). French: French for foreigners at Université d’Orléans (2005-06). Greek: Modern Greek course at Asociación Cultural Hispano-Helena in Madrid (2010-11).

Professional Experience

For some years I devoted myself to teaching English and Spanish for foreigners at Academia Alfonso X in Salamanca.

Then I started working as a translator for Lexware SCP with whom I translated from English to Spanish the Rome, London, Italy and France travel guides from the AA Key Guide Series collection for their publication in Spain by the publishing house Espasa.

Afterwards I was in Athens for 4 months collaborating in the creation of a complete Greek to Spanish and Spanish to Greek digital dictionary. This dictionary is still in development.

I later worked at IBM Global Services along with an international team. There my role consisted in translating, localizing, editing and proofreading texts and web content in English and Spanish for clients such as Unilever, Kraft, Pfizer…

Later I became employee of Redknee as translator and computational linguist, dedicating myself to the design and localization of speech recognition applications in multiple languages for international companies in telecommunications as France Télécom, Orange, BT, or Yoigo. I was also responsible for the translation and writing of corporate, commercial and technical documentation.

Now I do freelance work and manage the Lingua Lingua project. If you have any doubt or want to know more, write me an email or add me to your network of contacts on Linkedin.