What they say about me


L. Villani
Owner @ TranslationPot
Availability, reliability and punctuality make Rocío del Amo definetely a trustworthy service provider.
D. de Simone
Lead Project Manager @ Connect Global
We work with Rocío del Amo without any problems. A lot of professionalism and competence.

K. Thompson
Project Manager @ Idiomplus
I can always count on her reliablity and quality of work. No doubt, when assigned a project, I am assured that I will receive quality work.
J. C. Varó
Manager @ S.W. Traducciones Libres
I received a request for collaboration from Rocio del Amo by e-mail. We did a test that was completely satisfactory. Since then we have continued to collaborate and she has become one of my best collaborators.

D. Bellò
Project Manager @ Punto Traduzioni
I recommend Rocío Del Amo for his ability to analyze the source text critically, managing to translate it into the target language with a fluid and natural style. Punctuality and availability, then, complete the picture.
I. A. Polo
Translator @ Directorate-General for Translation - European Commission
Ms DEL AMO's knowledge and conscientiousness have allowed her to provide high-quality translations on a wide array of topic to our full satisfaction from day one. She has adapted very quickly to the complex translation tool and software used in DG Translation. lt is our view that she has taken full advantage of the opportunity offered to her by the European Commission. As a co-worker, Ms DEL AMO is hard-working and reliable. She will be a valuable asset for any organization and we wish her well in any future endeavour.

M. Martín
Customer Care Operation Manager @ Redknee
Above all, we were highly satisfied with Rocio's performance. She is a highly specialized person who always works as a team and constantly takes the initiative to improve the service she develops. Furthermore, as part of a team, I expect each member to selflessly share her knowledge with the rest for the good of the company. Rocio was excellent in this sense.
B. Wielemans
Learning Infrastructure Manager @ IBM
Mrs. del Amo has shown flexibility and autonomy, building very good relationships with her local teammates as well as with the remote Indian and American teams. She has quickly mastered the project requirements and delivered according to the high quality standards expected. I wished therefore to thank her for her dedication and professionalism in her daily duties. Therefore, I highly recommend Mrs. del Amo. I am convinced that she can be a valuable asset in your company.


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