Areas of specialization

A translator who specialises in a particular sector is able to offer high quality and reliability thanks to his or her mastery of the terminology and linguistic uses of that sector. Although my field of work is broad and I translate a wide variety of texts, throughout my more than 10 years of experience as a translator, my training and professional expertise have led me to specialize in three main sectors:



After working as a translator and linguist for major international technology companies such as IBM and Redknee Inc. (currently Optiva) and thanks to my love of new technologies, I have acquired extensive knowledge in these areas which has allowed me to successfully deal with a wide variety of technical translations covering aspects such as the translation of software, hardware, applications, websites, machine manuals, household appliances and electronic devices, as well as other technology-related texts. My professional experience has allowed me to master technical terminology, get used to the use of different platforms and give maximum importance to the user experience.

Some brands I have translated for: IBM, Redknee Inc. Panasonic, Pioneer, Technics, Onkyo, Carlo Gavazzi, Caterpillar, Farck…



Fashion has always been one of my passions and I am happy to contribute to making designers’ creations reach users anywhere in the Spanish-speaking world. In a sector as creative and constantly evolving as fashion, which combines tradition and innovation and is closely related to art, it is essential to keep abreast of current trends and manage the terminology, as well as knowing how to convey ideas, inspirations and cultural elements.

Some brands I have translated for: Gucci, Marni, Pucci, Just Cavalli, Dior, Michael Kors, Triumph, Calzedonia, Intimissimi, Geox, Arena…


Oenology and viticulture

Viticulture is an area that has always aroused my interest and around which I continue to learn today. My Master’s thesis was precisely about specialized translation in the wine sector and it analysed the various aspects and difficulties specific to the language of wine. These are some of the courses I have taken in this area:

World of Wine: From Grape to Glass. University of Adelaide; Wine tasting. Escuela de Hostelería de Salamanca; Oenology: communication, fashion and health. Universidad Pontificia de Salamanca; Oenology: culture, communication and wine properties. Universidad Pontificia de Salamanca; Wine and oenology translation. AulaSIC.


And more…

Other areas in which I usually work: tourism, cosmetics, interior design, trade, business, lifestyle, oleiculture, cannabis