• Welcome to the Lingua Lingua blog!

    The blog was born from the desire to share and discuss the adventures and misadventures of a translator in a world of words, languages and cultures.

    The main topics covered in this blog will be:

    The language, from the broadest and curiousest points of view, from sociolinguistics to etymology, from semantics to pragmatics, from the lexicon to grammar or syntax. From its origin to its future. Everything that has to do with this sophisticated and fantastic linguistic system which serves as a vehicle for communication. With special interest in the relationships between language and identity.

    Languages as communication systems typical of a human community. From linguas francas to minority languages. From dead languages to invented languages. From official languages to antilanguages. Everything about the different ways communities or social groups use languages, with particular attention to Spanish, English, Italian, French and Greek.

    Translation as the activity that allows intercommunication and mutual understanding between users of different languages. Translation as a means to skip language barriers and expand ideas. Translation as an art.

    The future of the language. Paying close attention to new technologies that represent a revolution in the way we communicate and the different linguistic phenomena taking place in the context of globalization. And also to all those informatics tools that, one way or another, have something to do with language.

    I hope this is the beginning of a great linguistic adventure and a meeting point for all lovers of language. I invite you to participate with comments and suggestions to help us learn always new things.

    Join the adventure! :)

    *English is not my first language, sorry for errors if any.

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