Language Services

Language services for a successful business communication.

Linguistic consulting and counseling

  • Quality and efficient communication.
  • Corporate identity.

Projecting a good company image is one of the keys to success in a business. Therefore, the quality of the communications, both internal or external with potential customers or partners, deserves special care.

At Lingua Lingua we are aware of this and therefore we provide services that help companies and institutions to create a positive corporate identity by analyzing its communicative effectiveness, proposing keys for its optimization, offering suggestions of style, designing the discourse or resolving any linguistic questions that may appear. We want to serve as a support for advertising and marketing agencies and communications departments.

Multilingual corporate and institutional communication

  • Multilingual communication and business internationalization.
  • Content localization and transcreation.

Business today is global, for this reason at Lingua Lingua we help companies in their internationalization process allowing them to implement their global strategies. To do this, not only is the translation of content important, but that content should be adapted to social and cultural elements of the audience. Otherwise, it is not possible to provide complete language solutions.

Writing, editing and transcreation of texts

  • Web content.
  • Information and promotional brochures.

Because we know the impact of a company’s image and the importance for its communication to be successful, at Lingua Lingua we write clear, structured and detailed content paying special attention to the end user.

Other services

  • Text proofreading and correction.
  • Preparation of glossaries of specialized terms and bilingual glossaries.
  • Transcription of audio and audiovisual files.
  • And more.

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