Why Lingua Lingua?

How are we different?

Our love of language

Lingua Lingua springs from our love of language. All those who collaborate in this project love language as a treasure. We study it, take care of it, use it and play with it. We are linguists, philologists and translators, who have spent time and effort to study this formidable communication system. We know its rules, its tricks, its most intimate secrets….

Ferdinand de Saussure said that language is fundamentally a tool for communication. It allows us to express our ideas, thoughts, feelings and desires. The ability to influence others with our words becomes a powerful tool that we need to know how to use. In a given communicative situation, it is essential to know how to choose the appropriate words to convey our ideas as we have conceived them.

For Lingua Lingua the ultimate purpose of language is communication. Our goal is to achieve effective communication based on what you want to express regardless of the language used.

Deep knowledge of the social and cultural aspects of the language.

At Lingua Lingua we are aware that language is one of the foundations of social life. It is the most important instrument of communication with others, playing an important role in the social process.

The receiver of our words is part of a social, cultural and linguistic community and understanding this community is crucial to achieve successful communication. Therefore, not only is it important to pay attention to the words used, but also to the recipient’s social and cultural environment to make sure that we convey the implicit meanings and communicative intention.

In Lingua Lingua we always give special importance to the social and cultural variables of the target audience. We adapt the language to their needs to better fulfil its role, to ensure success in communication and help companies to reach linguistically diverse customers.

Internet and new technologies as our natural environment

At Lingua Lingua we feel very comfortable on the network and we like to tinker with new technologies. We are professionals 2.0. experienced in digital communication.

Technological advances have resulted in the birth of new means of communication, with their own characteristics and peculiarities. Written communication is again of first-order importance. Everything written on the Web has a global dimension, so we must be aware of the words and the style so as not to jeopardize our image and reputation.

At Lingua Lingua we are experts in digital identity and communication 2.0. and we look forward to supporting you and your company in all your communication needs in the digital world.

We want to help you improve your company’s image and reach more people. Interested? Do not hesitate to contact us.